Mystery Signals of the Short Wave

Dedicated to the more unusual, strange, bizarre and apparently meaningless signals on the short wave bands !

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'Mystery Signals' has been hosted on this space since 1998, has had three changes of website and many, many updates, and although updates have been neglected in recent years the information has been kept on line for 20 years.

The provider of the original space was Pipex, one of the finest internet providers at that time. Pipex was bought out by Tiscali who in turn were taken over by Talktalk, who turned out to be one of the worst internet providers of our time.

On Thursday, 19 April, I, along with every other holder of webspace received an email telling us that our webspace will be terminated on 16 July 2018 and that all content on the space after that time will be deleted. We cannot keep our URLs.

I did consider closing down the site completely. Some of the information is now quite dated and much is now available elsewhere. However, I have decided to keep the information on line, at least for the present time, at an alternative location.

Our new site is at:

Mystery Signals of the Short Wave

Hope to see you there!